South Ukrainian National Pedagogical University named after K.D. Ushynsky provides undergraduate and postgraduate courses at the Faculty of Pharmacy. The training process is carried out on a high professional level due to well-developed strong educational-methodological and scientific-technical base. All laboratories of the Faculty are equipped with all necessary technical devices, substances and reagents in volumes and quantities corresponding to the requirements of the educational process.  

Field of study – Pharmacy, Industrial Pharmacy
Educational qualification awarded – Master of Pharmacy
Professional qualification – Pharmacist, Master of Pharmacy, Industrial Pharmacy
Duration – 5 years
Integral competence is the ability to solve typical and complicated specialized tasks and practical problems in professional activity in the field of health care, or in the process of studying that envisages carrying out investigations and/or realization of innovations and is characterized with complexity and uncertainty of conditions and demands.  

Starting from the 2nd academic year students of the Faculty master their skills during the practical training in the largest pharmacy chains (“Polimed”, “Med-Service”, “Annushka, Health Care”, “Real Pharm”, “Zdravitsa”), drug stores and pharmaceutical companies.

Educational-producing chemist is established for the students of pharmaceutical faculty, where students get the opportunity to acquire knowledge and abilities, train practical skills directly at a working place under conditions close to the real ones.

The licensed test-based examinations are the mandatory integrative part of the state attestation for awarding qualification “Pharmacist”. The aim of the licensed integrated exams is to establish the level of professional knowledge and skills of the students with the required minimum level of knowledge. Students taught in Pharmacy are obliged to pass two exams – KROK-1 and КROK-2.
KROK-1 – performed after 3 years of study.
КROK-2 – performed after the 5th academic year at the pharmaceutical faculty.

  On completion of educational and professional program in the specialty “Pharmacy, Industrial Pharmacy”, a specialist must enter a program of postgraduate education, which is carried out in accordance with current normative and legal requirements, depending on the sphere of activity.

On completion of educational professional program in the specialty “Pharmacy, Industrial Pharmacy”, a specialist may also apply for a third (educational and scientific) level – a degree of a doctor of philosophy in accordance with current legislation.