The Faculty of Foreign Languages was founded as Philology Faculty on 12 July, 1930. At present, it is a prestigious center for training future teachers of foreign languages and literature as well as translators/interpreters in the southern region of Ukraine.

The Faculty of Foreign Languages has 3 departments:
 – The Department of German Philology and Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages;
 – The Department of Translation and Theoretical and Applied Linguistics;
 – The Department of Western and Oriental Languages and their Teaching Methods.
The Faculty of Foreign Languages prepares:
Bachelor specialists in:
 • Secondary Education (Language and Literature (English / Chinese / Turkish)
 • Philology (translation / interpretation from English, Chinese into Ukrainian)
Master specialists in:
 • Secondary Education (Language and Literature (English)
 • Philology (translation / interpretation from English into Ukrainian)

The programs may be studied on a full-time or part-time basis. The training of specialists is carried out in accordance with the programs, developed by the Faculty and approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Together with Ukrainian students, foreign citizens from Turkey, China, Turkmenistan, America, and other countries receive education at the Faculty. Optional foreign languages are taught at the Faculty. Educational process is provided by the leading teachers of the relevant divisions of the Faculty and the university, as well as specialists from the universities of America, England, Turkey, China, Korea, Germany, Israel.

The Faculty of Foreign Languages collaborates closely with the National Academy of science of Ukraine within the framework of the International Confucius Institute project, maintains business contacts with the universities of Fatih (Turkey), the Technical University of Dresden (Germany) and the Ariel University (Israel).

There are certain International Centers work on the Faculty:
 – The Culture and Education Center of the Confucius Institute (recognized as the best in the world by the results of the international experts for 2016);
 – The Science & Technology and Culture Education Center of the Republic of Korea;
 – The Science & Technology and Culture Education Center of the State of Israel;
 – The Center of Linguistic Training with Multi-level Programs of the Foreign Languages.

The Faculty of Foreign Languages offers postgraduate and doctoral training programs. The Faculty organizes numerous international scientific forums and projects. The lecturers and students study topical issues of philology, translation studies, methods of teaching languages and literature. The educational process is aimed at students’ acquisition of contemporary moral, ethical and linguo-cultural values and their professional development as philologists.