The Institute of Physical Education, Sports and Rehabilitation is one of the prominent centers for training future teachers in Odesa region, which was founded as the Faculty of Physical Education in 1947.

There are 7 departments at the Institute:
 – The Department of Defectology and Physical Rehabilitation;
 – The Department of Theory and Methods of Physical Education and Sports Subjects;
 – The Department of Biology and Health Care;
 – The Department of Theory and Methods of Physical Education;
 – The Department of Rehabilitation Exercises and Sports Medicine;
 – The Department of Sport Games and Gymnastics;
 – The Department of Physical Education.

The Institute of Physical Education, Sports and Rehabilitation prepares Bachelors and Masters in the following fields of study:
 • Secondary education (Physical Education) (4 years), qualification: “Teacher of Physical Education”,
 – “Physical Education in a Special Educational Institution”;
 – “Method of Mass Sports Work”.

 • Physical Education and Sports (3 years and 10 months), qualification: “Specialist in Physical Education and Sports”,
 – “Coaching in the Specific Kind of Sports”;
 – “Fitness and Recreation or Tourism Activity”.

 • Special Education (Speech-Language Pathology) (4 years), qualification: “Special Education Teacher. Teacher of Children with Psychophysical Disabilities, Teacher Assistant of a General Educational Institution with Inclusive and Integrated Education”.
“Primary Education for Children with Severe Speech Disorders”.

Master’s courses:
 • Secondary education (Physical Education) (1 year and 4 months), qualification: “Teacher of Physical Education, Teacher of Physical Education in a Higher Education Institution”.
 • Physical Education and Sports (1 year and 4 months), qualification: “Teacher, Coach of the Specific Kind of Sports. Teacher of Physical Education”.
 • Special Education (Speech-Language Pathology) (1 year and 4 months), qualification: “Teacher, Speech Therapist. Special Education Teacher (Speech Therapy). Primary School Teacher of Children with Severe Speech Disorders”.

The programs may be studied on a full-time or part-time basis. The training of specialists is carried out in accordance with the programs, developed by the Faculty and approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Teaching personnel of the departments carry out research on topical issues of the above-mentioned spheres, where 7 Doctors of Sciences, professors as well as 15 Candidates of Sciences, associate professors are working. Scientific achievements of the professors B. H. Sheremet, A. I. Bosenko, T. V. Dehtiarenko, B. T. Dolynskyi, V. P. Horashchuk, P. B. Dzurynskyi, O. I. Forostian are acknowledged by a great number of researchers in the sphere of physical education, physical rehabilitation, sport, human health, ecology and special education.

Every year the Institute holds regional, national and international research and practice conferences. Academic journals “Rehabilitation Problems” and “Adaptive Capabilities of Children and Youth” are published on a regular basis. The Institute collaborates with some flagship research centers of Ukraine, Poland, Belorussia, Israel, Canada, Turkey, and others. Year over year students win all-Ukraine and international research and practice contests and academic competitions.

Training facilities and resources include a special library; learning and teaching rooms; athletic fields; wrestling and physical training halls, laboratories of anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, valeology; a well-equipped computer center; health and fitness rehabilitation center located on the Black sea shore. Future specialists are provided with theoretical knowledge and do practical training at modern educational institutions (including gymnasiums, lyceums, schools with sports facilities, sports centers). Student swimming, athletics and wrestling teams often win regional championships among universities. Some athletes have become winners of the Ukrainian, European and world championships and cups. For many years, students have participated in Spartakiada Games, European, Ukrainian and world championships as well as Ukrainian Student Games among higher educational institutions. They have become active participants and winners of Olympic Games and Paralympics in athletics, figure skating, boxing, trap shooting and canoeing.

Among the students, teachers and graduates there are 16 Olympic champions who won 22 gold medals and 19 winners of different Olympic Games, 56 champions and winners of the World and European Championships, 31 honored coachers and masters of sports of the USSR and Ukraine, 74 honored men in education and sports of Ukraine.