South Ukrainian National Pedagogical University named after K.D. Ushynsky provides undergraduate and postgraduate medical education courses in English / Russian / Ukrainian medium of instruction. The Faculty of Medicine offers students proficient training with its highly professional teaching staff, advanced educational programs, and support of highly qualified scholars andmedical practitioners.  

Field of study – General Medicine (MBBS/MD/General Practitioner)
Educational qualification awarded – Master of Medicine
Professional qualification – Doctor of Medicine
Duration – 6 years

Integral competence is the ability to solve typical and complicated specialized tasks and practical problems in professional activity in the field of health care, or in the process of studying that envisages carrying out investigations and/or realization of innovations and is characterized with complexity and uncertainty of conditions and demands.

South Ukrainian National Pedagogical University named after K.D. Ushynsky is one of the first education establishments which implemented an interactive table that enables to use program software for 3D anatomical atlases on the basis of OC Windows for training of students that:

 - enhances efficiency of academic process and attractiveness of education establishment for applicants;
 - enables to demonstrate all organs and human systems when interacting with high dividing capacity of 4K;
 - provides a three-dimensional display and animation with instruments of cuts and bends.

Our university has a developed base for teaching academic subjects of Medical Faculty through employment of interdisciplinary approaches creating proper conditions for shaping and improving educational and medical thinking capacity of future doctors and forming their future generation.

The university has a highly developed social infrastructure. The services for undergraduates and academic staff include modern halls of residence, catering system, first-aid post, sports complex (including specialized sports halls, shooting range, equipped stadiums, and sports courts).

Students master their skills during the practical training in the best medical facilities and healthcare centers of Odesa.
Among them:
 – City Clinical Hospital №1
 – City Clinical Hospital №2
 – City Clinical Hospital №3
 – City Clinical Hospital №9 named after A.I. Minakov
 – City Clinical Hospital №11
 – Municipal Hospital №5
 – Municipal Hospital №7
 – Municipal Hospital №8
 – City Infectious Diseases Hospital
 – City Children’s Hospital №2
 – City Children’s Hospital №3
 – Medical Center “ON Clinic Odessa”
 – Odessa Regional Clinical Hospital

State certification of graduates includes standardized test and practically oriented state exams. State standardized test is licensed integrated examination, which consists of two exams: KROK-1 and KROK-2.

KROK-1 – licensed integrated examination, performed after the 3rd academic year to establish and measure students’ knowledge. KROK-1 is an examination on general scientific disciplines, which is passed after studying basic fundamental disciplines.

KROK-2 – licensed integrated examination, passed at the end of the 5th year of study, for professional-oriented disciplines, which corresponds to the training program for professionals in the medical field.

For further professional training, a specialist should apply for post-graduate programs (Internship, Residency), that implement training according to the curricula for doctors in a specific field; or he/she can apply for the program to obtain PhD (Doctor of Philosophy). In future specialists can apply for retraining courses and acquire another medical specialty and perform appropriate work in this field.